After deciding on hair transplantation, I chose Dr. Webb because, after doing my homework, I discovered he is an incredibly versatile and virtuosic surgeon, so I knew I'd be in good hands. He and his staff couldn't have been nicer and more accommodating every step of the way. Dr. Webb patiently explained every detail and answered every question in terms a layperson like me could understand, It is rare, in my experience, to encounter someone so accomplished who is also so warm and generous with his time. The procedure itself was about as comfortable as I'd imagine it could be. In short, my experience at Advanced Hair Restoration of Oklahoma was entirely positive and I'd recommend them unequivocally."


Norman, OK

I am pleased to post that I had Hair Grafting done at Radian by Dr. Kent Webb on Friday April 14th. I am very pleased with the care given to me by Dr. Kent and his staff, and the level of skill and expertise shown by them. I would recommend Dr. Kent to anyone seeking hair replacement, his fees are not only the lowest, but his background is of a General and Vascular Surgeon. Clinic itself is extremely clean and pleasing, relaxing in itself. I look to posting more in the future when the grafts have fully healed and are growing hair...mine!


I had a wonderful experience at Dr. Webb's clinic. The procedure was painless and the cost was affordable. There was no high pressure sales pitch. They listened to what I wanted and they did exactly that. I would recommend to anyone, man or woman that this is the place to go for the results you want.


I had consultations with some of the top Doctors in hair restoration. I found them all to be high pressure salesmen and a considerable increase in cost per graft. That was not the case with Dr. Webb. Everyone in the office made me feel at ease. The procedure was virtually painless. I was well informed by the staff for my procedures. This was my 2nd hair restoration with Dr. Webb and it was a very easy procedure. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a pleasant experience and great results.


Edmond, OK

Things are great here. When I got the stitches out on day 13, the Dr. raved, no less than 5 times, about how good they were and how he admired your work. Also he commented on how well it healed. I just went back for a follow up just to make sure everything was healing good and clean - it’s all good, healing very quickly. As of yet, none of the transplanted airs seem to have shed. I carefully watched and none of the grafts have popped out. It is still a little tender up there but basically looks healthy. Thanks so much for all your good work. You and your staff were quite a blessing to me. KK


Issaquah, WA