I am pleased to post that I had Hair Grafting done at Radian by Dr. Kent Webb on Friday April 14th. I am very pleased with the care given to me by Dr. Kent and his staff, and the level of skill and expertise shown by them. I would recommend Dr. Kent to anyone seeking hair replacement, his fees are not only the lowest, but his background is of a General and Vascular Surgeon. Clinic itself is extremely clean and pleasing, relaxing in itself. I look to posting more in the future when the grafts have fully healed and are growing hair...mine!


I had a wonderful experience at Dr. Webb's clinic. The procedure was painless and the cost was affordable. There was no high pressure sales pitch. They listened to what I wanted and they did exactly that. I would recommend to anyone, man or woman that this is the place to go for the results you want.


I had consultations with some of the top Doctors in hair restoration. I found them all to be high pressure salesmen and a considerable increase in cost per graft. That was not the case with Dr. Webb. Everyone in the office made me feel at ease. The procedure was virtually painless. I was well informed by the staff for my procedures. This was my 2nd hair restoration with Dr. Webb and it was a very easy procedure. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a pleasant experience and great results.


Edmond, OK

Things are great here. When I got the stitches out on day 13, the Dr. raved, no less than 5 times, about how good they were and how he admired your work. Also he commented on how well it healed. I just went back for a follow up just to make sure everything was healing good and clean - it’s all good, healing very quickly. As of yet, none of the transplanted airs seem to have shed. I carefully watched and none of the grafts have popped out. It is still a little tender up there but basically looks healthy. Thanks so much for all your good work. You and your staff were quite a blessing to me. KK


Issaquah, WA