Before and After Photo Gallery

Case 1

Patient History
This gentleman had a hair transplant at another clinic many years ago. At that time, the technique involved larger grafts. Over time, he lost his surrounding natural hair leaving only the large grafts. As you can see in the "before" photographs the remaining grafts are large and are placed in unnatural appearing rows.

Although he had hair it was not cosmetically acceptable and he presented to us for a solution. We proceeded with a treatment plan that included 2000 grafts to soften his hair line and camouflage his remaining large grafts as well as fill in areas that were completely bald. In these "after" photographs he is only four months out from his first procedure with us and just beginning to see the new transplants beginning to grow.

Our treatment plan included another 1000 grafts which he has just had placed.

Case 2

BS before 1st procedure 5.2.15

BS 6 weeks after first procedure

BS before 2nd procedure 1.31.17

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