Affordable Hair Transplants are possible. If you have been thinking about how you can look and feel better about your hair loss and your appearance, but are too afraid to think about a giant bill for the procedure, don't get discouraged because hair transplant costs, when partnering with the right provider, aren't as scary as you think.

At Advanced Hair Restoration of Oklahoma, the method used for hair transplant is a key consideration when looking at cost. While many clinics out there are offering services at a per graft rate - some transplant procedures will include grafts that only contain one hair follicle.

Instead, with the strip method, at $3 per graft, Advanced Hair Restoration of Oklahoma is actually providing the patient with much more actual hair per dollar because you are getting 1-5 follicles of hair in each graft instead of just one hair follicle per graft. And, the strip method is the number one gold standard procedure at major hair restoration clinics around the world. It consistently provides a natural appearing result with proven patient satisfaction.

Take, for example, a patient who will need around 2000 grafts to cover their balding area. At a rate of $3/graft, this would mean they are getting the service for $6,000 (with multiple follicles per graft, not just one.) While someone who is paying for single hair follicle grafts, at $3/graft, may need 4000 grafts to cover the same area - the price then shoots up to $12,000. Also, keep in mind that many clinics out there charge much more than the $3/graft price point.

Hair Graft Price Comparison Chart

$Per Graft500 Grafts1,000 Grafts1,500 Grafts2,000 Grafts
Our Price$32,2503,0004,5006,000
$4 3,0004,0006,0008,000
$5 3,7505,0007,50010,000
$6 4,5006,0009,00012,000
$7 5,2507,00010,50014,000
$8 4,0008,00012,00020,000

Depending on the size of your balding area and how many grafts you will need for sufficient coverage, this key detail can make a significant difference in the cost of your procedure when choosing a provider.

In addition to making hair transplants affordable and offering up to $650 in travel allowance for out-of-state patients, Advanced Hair Restoration of Oklahoma also offers years of experience and professionalism in surgery and hair replacement techniques. Combine their price rates with this valuable factor and you really are getting the best for less!

How to Finance Your Hair Transplant

We want to make this the easiest possible experience for you so we offer you a chance to finance your hair transplant procedure. You can make easy monthly payments based upon what you can afford - so a hair transplant is still possible for you regardless of your current funds. It's as easy as applying online and getting an approval from CareCredit for the finance plan. Once you have been approved for the financing by CareCredit, you can schedule your hair transplant procedure with Advanced Hair Restoration of Oklahoma and finally get your self confidence back.