While an argument can be had about which sex is more aggressive or competitive, males or females, this article is looking distinctly at the male psyche and the ill effects hair loss can have on one’s self esteem. It will also explore the reasons men are turning to hair transplant surgery to rid themselves of dealing with being bald and any of the additional issues that involves.

While both men and women can suffer from hair loss, we commonly see men who shave their heads entirely in an attempt to minimize the effects of a receding hair line or portions of scalp where hair is no longer growing.

Instead of having to opt for a bare head (it must be so cold) men are finding hair transplant surgery is a feasible alternative to get a head of hair back.

First, men, like women, desire to fit in with social norms and restore the look they once had but lost along with their hair. For some men it is necessary to look back at pictures from their school yearbooks to remind themselves what they looked like before the onset of hair loss. It can be just as difficult to deal with as the person who has put on excessive weight and no longer looks like they did only a few years ago.

Secondly, a full head of hair is attractive. Despite the few well known hair-less movie stars that have been recognized as attractive, there are far more men with healthy locks that fill the cover of magazine and runways. The truth is, if men could choose, being bald would probably not even be a consideration.

Finally, if a solution exists - why not go for it? Not getting a hair transplant to finally fix the problem of baldness is only prolonging the stigma and anguish felt by so many - instead of making the situation better it only makes it worse. If you’re like most men, you probably don’t like to be told what to do - but just this time, it might make sense to listen.