As stress levels sky rocket today for those of us trying to keep up with work, kids, bills and our social lives - there are some nasty consequences to consider.

Sure, a struggling economy, job losses, and fighting for a promotion top the list of important things wrong with the world today - but what if the stress these situations produce is causing you to have an unexpected consequence - like increasing the chance of losing your hair.

Stress has been linked with hair loss - and now, as our stress levels are at an all time high, transplant clinics are seeing an increase in patients walking through their doors wanting a solution to their hair loss woes.

One clinic reported seeing a rise in female patients in this last year alone. A trend that's sure to keep up if we don't learn to take proper care of our locks, or find ways to relieve our bodies of stress.

While all hair loss cannot be attributed to stress- much of it is hereditary and some can be caused by certain illnesses or conditions.

To help combat this issue, more women are becoming informed about their treatment options, and getting help.

Whether it is looking up the symptoms online and being brave enough to talk to your doctor about what might be happening, or looking into having a hair transplant procedure, more women than ever are taking the next step.

One hair transplant clinic in London noted an 82 percent increase in women getting hair transplants during the first eight months of this year, compared to this same period in 2011.

Many women don't realize the use of hot styling tools, and harsh products to style their hair will eventually damage hair and can lead to hair loss. The increased use of hair extensions also puts stress on the hair follicle and can lead to hair loss - even if it's not permanent.

With hair transplant surgery, patients have tiny grafts of new hair taken from a healthy donor site on their scalp and placed in the trouble areas of their scalp to restore the look they once had.

Before you pick up that flat iron, or think about your next color, consider these consequences. If you are already suffering from hair loss and want to do something about it, now is the time to make the choice and get started. Call us at Advanced Hair Restoration of Oklahoma today to schedule your free, no obligation, hair loss analysis and consultation. If you are out of state, you can upload scalp photos of your hair loss via our web site,, and we will contact you with our recommendations. It is simple and you have nothing to lose except the embarrassment of your hair loss. If you're tired of suffering, there is hope with hair transplant surgery