You’ve made up your mind. You’re sick and tired of looking in the mirror and trying to find ways to mask the embarrassing reality that is hair loss and bald spots. You’re getting a hair transplant.

Now what?

While coming to the decision to get a hair transplant can be an easy one - finding the right doctor and getting your surgery scheduled isn't as easy. First things first, you have to determine what kind of hair transplant procedure you are going to need and how you will pay for it.

For most people, this means going for a consultation (or more than one) to hear professional feedback on the issues causing your hair loss and what your options are - both for a hair transplant and the price ranges involved.

You can start with a search engine like Bing or Google and type in keywords like hair transplants or hair restoration or you can look at reviews of particular sites for a list of results to begin your research.

Once you have made an appointment at a few different locations, be sure to really check them out while in their office. Ask about their experience and training. Observe the office and your surroundings. If it seems like an environment of trustworthy professionals, chances are you're in good hands.

There are also financing options setup for those needing medical procedures of this type including credit cards with various payment plans. As with anything involving money, you’ll want to look into interest rates, and check out the background and other ratings people have given to the financing company. After all, the only thing that would be worse than a balding scalp might be a never ending debt to a crooked funder. Do your research, seek expert opinions and advice and chose an experienced professional team. Follow this formula and your hair transplant will be a success. A properly performed hair transplant can be done safely and affordably and will give you a lifetime of satisfaction with permanent results.