Surgery is a big deal. No matter what it's for, or how serious or not serious the condition being treated might be, the matter of fact is that anyone who needs surgery wants to know they are in good, trusting hands.

If you're going to be trusting a professional to assist you with getting back a full head of hair on a scalp that you thought had no potential any longer - chances are you are going to want to trust and believe that doctor can do the things you hope for.

Here are 3 top tips for picking your hair transplant doctor.

Do Your Research

The internet is available to everyone now and Google, Bing, Yahoo are all our friends - use it. Poke around the web and see what's out there. Do some searches and read reviews to narrow down doctors you think you might like and that can address your specific hair transplant needs.

Get to Know Them

After you've narrowed down a list (perhaps 3) of doctors you'd be interested in, you should call their office to discuss things further - see how he/she feels about addressing your specific hair loss problem and what they might be able to do to help. Talk about their past work and fees and make an appointment for a consultation so you can meet in person and further solidify if he or she is the one.

Compare and Make an Informed Decision

Like most things in life, we always want to make sure we are making the most informed and rational decision when it comes to something as great as a hair transplant - so make sure you have your bases covered. Not only do your research on the doctor and meet with them for all the details but do some comparing too - what are other doctors in your area offering? Is their fee the same? Do they promise more or less? Do they have the same professional office setting and experience?

These are the things you'll want to feel most confident about as you narrow down your choice for a doctor to perform your hair transplant surgery. While it may take a little longer and require a bit more effort than picking the first name you find in the phonebook, the extra consideration and hand selected decision will mean so much more to you in the long run.