Anguish, that horrible feeling deep down inside that all of us can relate to at some point in our lives has been defined as the, "psychological suffering that is caused by any one of a number of events, which may naturally occur during a person's life span."

While the reasons from which this anguish can stem vary from individual to individual - the same pain and suffering is still endured and still crippling just the same.

For anyone who has suffered from hair loss - the psychological anguish that can come from not feeling "pretty enough" or "normal enough" have proven to have mental impacts within the sufferers.

Baldness issues can range from anywhere between complete bare areas to patches of missing hair and thinning tresses but because it's immediately noticeable to anyone who interacts with the individual it is hard to mask it, and it plays a major role on the mental psyche for many.

In some people, who are internally impacted by the embarrassment, the end result can be troubles in social settings, at work and in personal relationships so it extends beyond a suffering within that others might not be aware of behind a smile.

Hair Transplants offer hope for many of these individuals as a way to naturally restore the look of a full, healthy head of hair.

New techniques that are less invasive, don't show scarring and make it possible to again start growing hair in those problem locations - are all the positive benefits of hair transplant surgery.

Once the sufferer is no longer walking outside or interacting in the workplace without thinking that people are only staring at their hair loss, self esteem is slowly gained and parts of anxiety and depression tied to psychological anguish may also find their way out the door.