Hair transplant procedures have been around for decades as a solution to male pattern baldness assisting those men and women who suffer from androgenic alopecia or other forms of hair loss.

The surgical procedure - no matter which technique is used - has the same goal in mind. To remove hair follicles from a healthy, growing, donor location - and surgically implant them into an area where hair is no longer growing.

Some of the most common forms of modern hair transplant procedures include follicular unit grafts of some sort. Now things are going a step further and getting even better for the patient thanks to "Ultra Refined" tools and implant techniques that offer fuller, more natural and precise transplanting.

While other follicular unit transplants do offer natural results, they are achieved over a couple of sessions to add more hair to the affected area. Instead, the ultra refined use of thinner, more precise incision tools and the ability to densely pack follicular units, now make it possible to have a natural, fuller looking hair transplant even in just one sitting.

This, in combination with a technique referred to as "lateral slit", make it possible to place hair in areas of the scalp that were once bald. Even seemingly hard areas, like around the temples, are able to be transplanted giving the patient the appearance of a full head of hair again.