The market for products that promise to bring youth and better looks is expanding daily as people across the globe strive to fit into the society’s definition of "attractive" or acceptable. The journey to achieving this acceptance is one traveled by all genders, races and sexes. A majority of the time these definitions of beauty rely on characteristics of one’s outward appearance. The color of one’s hair, the shade of lipstick they have on, the way their hair is styled - all contribute to the way others perceive them.

As the industry of magic potions and products promising to fix and improve looks grows, so has frustration when many of those solutions turn out to be a temporary fix, or even worse- don't work at all.

An astounding number of men and women are plagued by hair loss and balding and are looking for a reliable solution to the embarrassing problem. That’s where hair transplants come in as the solution that will change your life. These procedures make it possible to have your own natural hair growing from your scalp. This means no more hiding under a hat or trying to mask the problem with wigs or other options, and finally gaining back the confidence and security you once had with your appearance.

At Advanced Hair Restoration of Oklahoma, we perform a procedure that uses single and multi-follicular unit hair grafts. With this procedure, it is possible to create a soft natural appearing hairline while also providing density to the hair in the center portions of the scalp.

Using the Strip Method, which is the number one procedure done in established transplant clinics around the world, we are able to create thousands of micrografts from a small area of "safe hair" on the sides and back of the scalp. Safe hair is not sensitive to hormones that cause hair loss and when transplanted will remain permanent for the rest of your life. These "safe hair" micrografts are then placed in balding areas on the remaining portions of the scalp.

All of this is done in the privacy of our professional facility and allows you to return home after the procedure. Within days you will be back to normal activity and on your way to a new head of hair.

Whether you’re ready to learn more about your options, or you are ready to take the leap and schedule a hair transplant procedure, you are moving in the right direction to finally change your life for the better.