It used to be that advanced technologies and procedures to improve one’s appearance were something only the wealthy could afford. Thanks to a fiercely competitive market and newer developments in technology, this is no longer the case.

For those looking for a quick nip and tuck, better breasts or to remove some wrinkles - the average person can now afford this, if they want.

When it comes to hair restoration, not only were very early patients paying much more for the fix, but they were also walking away with unnatural appearing plugs.

Today, hair transplantation has advanced drastically to the point where a patient can be in and out of the office in four to six hours and plan to return to work in the next day or two. Patients with some hair are able to camouflage the recipient sites during recovery by styling their hair a little differently for a few weeks. Sutures are hidden under even shorter hair on the side and back of the scalp where donor grafts are taken. Within ten days sutures are removed and most incisions have healed such that patients can return to fairly normal activity. Once everything is healed, the results themselves are also far more natural - such that no one can even tell transplantation was performed. The goal of modern hair restoration clinics is hair transplants that are never recognized as such.

In addition to the very important aspect of improved appearance and techniques for hair transplant surgery, prices are also dropping as more and more entrants into the market begin to offer services.

As this industry grows, one thing to be wary of is lower quality procedures and passing fads. While the price for these procedures may be falling - there is also a need to ensure the doctor you choose is well skilled in hair transplants. Always make it a point to visit the office for a consultation, ask questions and be sure you and your transplant surgeon are on the same page.