This year's FIFA World Cup events have taken on a whole new meaning and importance - not just in the U.S. which finally had fans acknowledging the sporting event - but also for the various players on the teams from across the world. These soccer athletes are seeing increased fan bases and many are becoming sex symbols for their youthful appearance and fit physiques.

As the media turns their attention to these new stars, many are beginning to focus on their features - and of course, their hair. One article recently posted by The Sydney Herald focused specifically on the many unique hairstyles coming out of the games.

Wayne Rooney, who was recently in the headlines for missing a goal during his team's game against Uruguay, suddenly had his hair become the center of ridicule. Numbers of fans took to social media to put blame on the way his hair appeared in images captured after their loss. It was especially noticeable when his hair was wet and sweaty making his thinning hair and his scalp very visible. Reportedly, the soccer star has had previous hair transplant procedures.

In regard to hair loss, it is also noted that Italian soccer player Gabriel Paletta, still in his 20's, is already showing signs of trying to mask his developing male pattern baldness. It is difficult for many young men to accept their hair loss when most of their contemporaries enjoy a full head of hair. Even being in perfect physical shape it is easy to focus on this single feature and let it determine your self-image.

For a world that continues to battle with hair loss, the recent focus on players in the spotlight for the World Cup Games shows this battle is far from over. Just how much further people will go for "the fountain of youth" remains to be seen. Hair loss can effect anyone's self-esteem, even gifted athletes with incomes in the millions. However, it can be easily and affordably corrected, and with excellent results, if performed by an experienced transplant team. Hair transplant has become accessible for the average person with increasing numbers of men and women around the globe opting for hair restoration procedures in order to keep their youthful appearance.