Hair transplants have been around for many years. And while new techniques and technologies are making the procedure, better and more cost effective, there are new trends also emerging in the hair transplant market for both men and women.

Typically hair transplants are used to mask bald areas or to fill in receding hairlines in men and women who suffer from hair loss such as androgenic alopecia. These procedures have also expanded to include hair transplants to address those with thinning hair in an effort to help them achieve a fuller appearing head of hair.

Now, however, hair transplants have expanded beyond just a procedure to assist with the way the hair looks on top of your head. Today, men and women are using this same procedure to assist with obtaining the desired look of hair on other areas too, mainly, the face.

For men, and even some transgender females, the desire to grow a beard on the face is one that is now attainable thanks to hair transplant procedures. Employing the same techniques as those used in hair transplants for the scalp, a surgeon takes grafts of donor hair from a healthy location - typically the back of the scalp and transplants them to the face in the desired locations. The end result is one that has picked up in popularity particularly in individuals that have facial scars to cover. Some paying up to thousands of dollars for facial hair transplants so they can have a mustache or sideburns even if they can’t naturally grow a beard.

For many women today, the trend for facial hair is also hot - but not around the mouth area. Instead, women are opting for replacing or increasing the thickness of their eyebrows -which are what frame the eyes. Having fuller brows can bring an entire look together and help a woman feel more comfortable and confident about her appearance.

Whether it is hair on your head, around your mouth or in your eye brows – a hair transplant is increasingly becoming a more popular option.