Hair loss in any amount, and in any area of the scalp is a big deal. For the person who must 'deal with it,' finding not only a solution, but a permanent one is critical.

Because everyone’s hair loss story is a unique one, and there are many factors that can be causing them to go bald, it's always safest to meet with a professional to first understand why this is occurring in your specific situation.

Hair loss can be hereditary, caused by age and hormonal changes, or due to illness and other medical issues. That means if your elders are bald, you might be too... if you just had a baby, are an aging male or female, or if you are constantly dying and heat styling your hair - you too could be at risk for hair loss.

Once a person has determined the source of their hair loss, it’s then possible to look into solutions. While in some situations thinning and light hair loss might be improved with an oral medication or topical treatment, for others with greater hair loss, a more permanent solution is the end goal.

The only permanent solution available is a hair transplant. This procedure involves removing hair follicles from a donor site and transplanting them surgically to the problem areas of the scalp. These newly transplanted hair follicles are from a safe zone of the scalp therefore they will become permanent and last a lifetime.

While over the counter medications and topical treatments will do the trick for some, the truth is these will not have lasting results and they will only work for as long as they are being used. If you are tired of dealing with the embarrassment and hassles of hair loss, a hair transplant is your best opportunity to enjoy your own hair again.