For anyone who has had to suffer with the embarrassment or discomfort of knowing they have bald spots where there was once full, luscious locks, the urgency to get together the funds for a hair transplant is immediate.

While a number of hair transplant procedures are priced depending on the visits needed, techniques used- like the FUE method versus strip method transplants, and differs on each surgeons pricing, conserving the funds or borrowing them, could be the only thing holding some people back from getting a hair transplant.

Some people might qualify for financing of their hair restoration procedure. This means it's possible to get the needed hair transplant right away and pay for it in installments instead of all up front. Several credible health care financing companies exist in the marketplace. CareCredit is used by Advanced Hair Restoration of Oklahoma to help those patients that need to spread out the cost of a transplant over several months. Many different options exist including several "no interest" plans. Financing options can be discussed at the time of your consultation.

But consider how much more "one time" cost you will have to incur the longer you wait, and the more hair you lose. With each day that passes, the areas of exposed scalp and hair loss increases for many patients, and this means, more treatment sessions will be needed and probably more grafts will have to be transplanted to cover the areas of trouble. All equaling out to a higher one time cost for your procedure.

It’s important to plan and strategize the financing options for this important procedure. So in addition to properly planning and doing your research about your procedure and surgeon in advance, you’ll want to think about your options for the best way to pay for it. You will most likely end up figuring out the soonest way to get your hair transplant done, so you won’t have to suffer any longer, and if you plan carefully you can save a few bucks along the way.