Anyone who has had to endure a painful, life threatening situation that resulted in a severe burn, has already had to deal with (and perhaps will always deal with) unexplainable trauma not to mention a road to recovery. Couple this with the fact that permanent hair loss might have been a piece of the outcome, and things can seem even gloomier.

Luckily, hair transplant surgeries have been performed on burn victims who suffered permanent hair loss so they can gain back a piece of their identity and appearance.

The history of hair transplants in fact, date back to 1939 when a Japanese dermatologist was trying to perform surgery that would help burn victims get their hair back.

The work Dr. Okuda did back then was documented and doctors continued to improve and refine this system until we got to the point where we are today with hair transplant surgery. But at the root of this life-changing procedure is the purpose to assist burn victims.

These patients, like other who opt for hair transplant surgery are looking mainly for the same outcome, a natural looking head of hair, a permanent solution that is safe and comfortable to have done and that is inexpensive.

Today, techniques designed to assist with improving the scar and appearance of one’s scalp after a burn incident are used together with steps that improve blood flow and will offer a canvas to grow natural, healthy hair.

Of course, this is a much more delicate and lengthy procedure than the typical outpatient office visit at a hair restoration center. But the point is hope is out there for those who need a hair transplant for more than just a reason to look young again.

For many of these patients, especially those dealing with burns that cover large areas and are more severe the steps to gaining back a normal appearance is a long road. But having those details, like a normal hairline and hair can make all the difference in healing one’s psyche.