If there are two things that my age has brought along with it, it is the desire to remain youthful in my appearance and to always be as self confident as I was in my younger, better years. For this reason I'm not alone in shelling out money for gym memberships, salon visits and even subscribing to popular fashion magazines to keep up to date with all the latest trends. I want to makie sure I am appealing to the rest of societies eyeballs - and my own.

While putting on a few pounds, and gaining a few fine lines on your face are typically considered normal with the aging process, one thing no one likes to face with age, or with other circumstances like medications and sickness is the loss of hair. For some reason the tresses on our scalps are more near and dear to us than we think.

For anyone who has ever suffered from hair loss or balding - the issue can be embarrassing and one you're willing to do anything to get corrected.

Luckily, hair transplants are available and can resolve balding issues for a number of those who suffer from particular forms of hair loss.

In this post we'll look more closely at the two main reasons people opt for hair transplant surgery - and you guessed it - they relate to age, and looking good.

Where's That Fountain of Youth?

Some say 30 is the new 20 but chances are if you've been dealing with an economy like ours and with the tense working conditions as well as eating all the foods we've been ingesting - then your age is either already showing clearly or worse poor diet and lifestyle has you looking older than you are. If you're one of the few with good genes who will always look young - then this isn't for you. But most of us by age 30 are already starting to notice fine lines, thinning hair, maybe some grays and have begun to ask, "So does that fountain of youth really exist, and where is it?"

Add to this hair loss or a bald head - whether you're male or female and the woes of aging become amplified. Most people who suffer from these additional conditions are looking for a way to restore their full hair they once had when they were younger- and a hair transplant is the answer.

Insecurity Hurts

Perhaps even worse than a few gray hairs or a wrinkle or two, is the feeling of insecurity. While there are a number of people who embrace their looks regardless of what society deems attractive or normal and stand out from the crowd saying I like myself no matter what - the truth is a number of people suffer in silence from insecurity and fear. And those feelings can be crippling. For someone who has lost their hair and don't like the reflection in the mirror, they might never leave the house without a hat, or never want to leave the house at all. Hair transplants can be the one procedure to finally diminish those worries, and are a popular choice for anyone who is suffering from insecurity.