You’ve been hiding under hats and combing your hair a certain way for too many years already. If you’re like most who suffer from hair loss - the frustration and embarrassment that come from being bald or having extremely thin hair is enough to make you want to run and hide from any camera or spotlight. Whether you did the damage yourself from years of harsh chemicals on your scalp - or you inherited it from your predecessors, hair loss is never fun.

Men and women have suffered in silence for years. Most trying all kinds of remedies in hopes to mask or even cure their hair loss issues. Sometimes the stress caused from these altered appearances is so great, people are willing to even go to financial extremes just to ensure they no longer have to endure any of the stigmas associated with hair loss. Hair transplantation today is affordable and no longer has that "pluggy" appearance. If you have had enough, and are ready for a permanent and natural solution, here are the top three things you need to do to make it happen.


Make sure you do your research. Read up on the topic and find out about the types of procedures that are being done today. Look into what the procedures involve, their rate of success, and their costs.


As with anything that involves a medical procedure, you’ll want to check up on your doctor. Look into his history and background as well as any special training in the particular area he may have received. A good tip when you go for a consultation is to ask to see samples and photos of past clients. Use this as a guide to see how his work looks on patients. Is it similar to what you had in mind? Does it look natural and professional on the client?


Figure out your price allowance for this procedure and look into any assistance you can get for financing the procedure. Compare this with the various rates from offices in your near by location - or even look farther because some clinics will offer reimbursements if you travel. You should always call around and ask about pricing and what specifically you will be getting for that price. Before you go further you need to know what you can spend and what you will be getting for your money.